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n We have a saying, 'It is hard to dig w●ith a broken shovel.' Talente▓d people like ourselves soon

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▓ learned from abroad the lit▓tle art of corrupting the pres●s.With a fettered press like ours, this

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is less▓ difficult here than in other countries, where a● paper respecting public opinion might un

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▓der some circumstances be unreserved▓ly outspoken.But why should a press with

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  • You say even grand-▓dukes —Are not safe from sus▓picion.I can personally testify that not● one of them takes a ruble himself.▓But the persons who live by obta

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ining conces●sions for joint-stock companies, etc., ▓know how[Pg 190] to represent that they ne●ed considerable sums for the p●urpose of influencing t